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Natural stone or porcelain tiles, which is right for you?

This is often the first question that comes up when we meet with people to discuss their project. The answer is, there is a place for both. Each product has it’s own unique advantages. Let’s consider some.

Natural stone exists in a broad range of colors, patterns, finishes and textures. There are many kinds stone such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, quartzite and slate and they all have their own characteristics. Natural stone is eco-friendly. What is more earth friendly than the earth itself? It is also unique. It is not easy to find two stone tiles that look alike.

What about durability? Just as the Parthenon, Stonehenge and the great Pyramids have lasted for centuries, you can design lasting stone legacies right in your own home. Stone does wear naturally over time. Stone lovers like to think that this process adds character and beauty as time passes. Of course, stone is more susceptable to staining or marring than porcelain and needs to be protected by sealing. Stones can be affected by certain chemicals, especially acidic ones like those found in citrus juices or wine. Stone is best maintained by using a pH neutral cleaner and warm water. For those willing to take these precautions, natural stone can add timeless beauty to their home.


Porcelain tile has become very popular in recent years. Why? new techniques have allowed these tiles to imitate almost any kind of stone with regard to color, veining, texture and size. What is porcelain tile? These are tiles that are made from special porcelain clays and fired at very high temperatures resulting in a hard, solid surface that doesn’t absorb water, doesn’t stain and is mostly unaffected by wear and tear over time.

Ther are two types of porcelain tile, glazed porcelain and through-body porcelain. Glazed porcelain has a body made of porcelain material with a fired glaze applied to the surface. Through-body porcelain is usually more expensive but is porcelain all the way through. The result is a strong tile that can withstand extreme surface traffic. It is often used in commercial as well as residential applications.
The advantages of porcelain tiles are that they are virtually maintainance free, they don’t need to be sealed and they often come with accompanying tile trim such as surface bull nose and 1/4 round edge trim as well as v-cap or various deco tiles.

So which tile is right for you? We have extensive experience in both mediums and we are here to help you make the best choice for you.